In need of more project participants...

Hello Lovely People,
I've been working on a video project for some time now, and I wonder if any of you would like to contribute. I've sent quite a few windsocks to people I know all over the world with the request that they video-document themselves catching the wind on a blustery day wherever they may be. All together, the footage will form a sort of narrative of voice travelling through space - a crude vocalization, ostensibly without the aid of dominant communication structures (e.g. satellites, phones, internet, mail, etc.).

I've already sent two windsocks to London, which some of you have already received, and it would be great if you guys could continue to pass them around to other (deviant) participants upon request. I'm so pleased with the footage I've seen so far! Anyway, if any of you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact me for more details at: emcternan@gmail.com

Otherwise, I look forward to meeting you all!

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